Power of video in your business

Our Mission is to reach and engage your customers and prospective customers with your business.

The power of moving image on screen has been with us from decades. It’s what we can see that move us to act. As stated ones: ‘Is what you can see, you believe’.

The development of projecting the moving pictures from early cinema over the Tube TV to today’s High Definition and Screen it taking every place in our everyday life. Video it’s not anymore an entertaining show it is now a tool. A tool, which help businesses run their business. In a world where things fly by us at increasingly fast speeds business owners have to take the advantage of it and connect with customers and prospects through the multi channel of Social Media the new communication channel.

According to YouTube statistics, people are watching hundreds of millions of hour’s videos every day and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily and generate billions of views. If you are business owner and not using video to promote your business or service, then you are alienating yourself from potential clients and customers. Using video marketing online has been proven to significantly increase traffic to your site, visibility of your business image, your product and your service.

Social Media, the new communication channel networks have the ability to send your video to different sites and places. Video marketing online is a more personal method of interacting with the viewers than the usual add or simple text of a website.

Using the Power of Video, instead of telling customers about your product you show them how to use it. You educate them about your products or services if it is highly technical, and the education will sell it for you.

Trough Social Media like, Blog, FaceBook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. invite your customers to submit questions, then answer them back via video. Interact, build a community of followers. Move from old promoting habits to the new era of Social Media Multi channel. Use the power of video in your business.

Using video clips, you gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Producing outstanding video content doesn't just happen. Whether you are creating a short online video or larger sized project, there are three distinct stages of video production you should be aware of.

Prod Stage 1


The pre-production phase of a project is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. It includes working out the shoot location, casting and the overall vision of the project.


Prod Stage 2


Production involves all the processes that occur during the actual filming. This process will capture all the scenes and information captured in the pre-production stage.

Prod Stage 3


The post-production process begins after all the footage has been captured and Graphics can be added along with Images, Music, Colour Correction and Special Effects. This is where your video project will really come to life.

If you don’t have video working for you on some of most popular video sites out there you missing major traffic and expose. Don’t wait call us today, get your business moving FASTER!